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Badminton Right Attitude


Welcome to Badminton Right Attitude, in this app you will learn what is right attitude for badminton players. Learn and improve your badminton game from badminton coach Lee Jae Bok and reach high levels.In this app you will learn right attitude for badminton. The navigation is simple just tap on the top menu or slide the navigation drawer from left to see the items which you can tap on like Training Clips, Badminton rules. When you tap on the Training clips you will get list of badminton training videos by Coach Lee Jae Bok and you can also filter the list of badminton videos by simply entering the keywords related to that badminton training. Once you open or filter the badminton clips just tap on it and you will be able to see the badminton training videos by which you can take your game to next level. If you want more badminton training apps then tap on the context menu on the top right and select more apps. I hope this app will hep you to take your badminton game to next level and all the very best to your badminton training.
Coach Lee demonstrates on what is the right attitude for badminton players, right attitude to practice, right attitude of coaches, badminton and life, he also explains the philosophy and principles of badminton, good and poor body language and what to think when you practice. Learn from coach Lee Jae Bok and take your game to next level.